Huge Hit !

For my sister's baby shower I ordered a bunch of the mini-cupcakes in red velvet, strawberry and chocolate-peanut butter (my favorite). They were a HUGE hit! Every last one was eaten even though I ordered more than enough. People even asked if they could take one home to their spouses so they could try them. I also had a friend there who has Celiac Disease, so ordered one gluten free cupcake. She said it was the best gluten free treat she has ever had!

Thanks Cupcakes Squared!


Wondrful Gluten-Free

Last October, I moved from San Diego to Tampa, Florida, and one of the worst parts of the move was the loss of wonderful, gluten-free cupcakes that I could actually eat and enjoy! I especially miss the Strawberry Cream and Coconut Lime, they were my favorites.

If I ever make it back to San Diego again, one of the first things I'm going to do is stop by Cupcakes Squared for a box of a dozen GF Strawberry Cream cupcakes. Until then, I've got my fingers crossed you'll put out a cookbook!

Great !

Our facilities group served your cup squares in the building lobby today. I'm not a cupcake fan, but I tried your product. They weregreat!! Usually you see cupcakes with a variety of decorations and toppings. But they always seem to taste the same. Not your cup squares. They were truly moist and the flavors were true. I tried the lemon and the passionfruit (likilol) ones. I have become a cup square fan for sure. Next the wife wants to go for dessrt, we go to Extraordinary Desserts, I am going to take her to Cupcakes Squared. I will recommend to my daughter for her wedding next year. Thank you for allowing me to discover your product.





Cupcakes Squared is simply amazing! Instead of a traditional wedding cake we had (mini) cupcakes from here in four different flavors. They are the best cupcakes I've ever had! And the staff...AWESOME! The came out to the venue and set everything up. When I returned the cupcake stand I wanted to buy another cupcake since they were so delicious....they gave it to me for free because I returned the stand clean! If you ever need a cake for a special occasion go here instead!


I also cannot tell you how good these cupcakes are!!!! We even tested them against the very Famous Sprinkles cupcakes, Sprinkles didn't have a chance. It wasn't worth the wait when I even went to get the test cupcakes(I love these kinds of tests!!) Needless to say the Sprinkles frosting was not as good and the flavors were just ok.The cakes were not as moist. Cupcakes Squared are the best I have ever eaten since my Gram made hers homemade!!!! The Icing is the best, my personal Fav are the Lilikoi & Vanilla, & Carrot. What more can you say than the proof is in the pudding or this case the cupcake!!!! I cannot say enough Kudos for the recipes and thinking outside the "BOX"....HA HA!!!!!Just send me cupcakes everyweek.......& I'd be a happy girl




Can I just say Almond day is my favorite – They are sooo good! I am having one for breakfast! Thanks for the order – Delicious!



Patrick H

Off the bat:  SMORES & RED VELVET (THE BEST!!)

These people are great!  I've had them cater events and always think of them first when going into a meeting to win hearts!
I've been to many other cupcake shops, they don't even stand a chance when compared to Cupcakes Squared!
In all my experiences, I've found that service counts to Cupcakes Squared.
They are amazing! I appreciate their hard work to make a great product!
I also personally like strawberry and the the espresso bean(?) cupcake too!

Well Done!!



Sarah M

WOW! To say that it looked incredible was an understatement. I could not wait to taste these little works of art.
My boyfriend and I each got different flavors so that I could taste the varieties. They tasted even better than they looked, which I did not think was possible.  They were so rich and decadent that even my boyfriend, who usually doesn't enjoy sweets of any kind, loved them.  The Chocolate2 and the Lemon were so amazing I made him go back so we could try the 3rd flavor they had, the Lilikoi. It was every bit as wonderful.
After the wedding I went home, and made a note of this place so that I could remember it for the future.
This past weekend my mother and I hosted a baby shower for my sister. I was originally going to bake a cake, but realized that I did not have time in my schedule to bake and decorate to my own standard that I suggested that we order Cupcakes from Cupcakes Squared.   We went to the website, which is almost as beautiful as their product and decided on 5 different flavors.
My mother called to place the order. My sister's shower was scheduled to start at 11:00 and we found out that the bakery didn't open until 11:00. My mom said that she would just order to pick them up the prior day, and the woman asked her what time she needed the cupcakes by. When told 11:00, she offered to open the store at 10:30, (a half hour early on Super bowl Sunday) so that we could pick them up in time to be back for the Shower to begin.
TALK ABOUT GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND!  This is my new favorite bakery in San Diego. I will definitely be using Cupcakes Squared whenever possible!



Deb R

The gods smiled on San Diego when Cupcakes Squared was created.  I really really really love this place.  Amazing variety (see their schedule) which includes gluten free yummies(and you dont miss the gluten).  I love the novelty of the cakes being squared and it seriously works - moist cake, sweet but not TOO sweet icing!  and the different sizes really make me a dedicated CCS lover for life!  so yummers!  I love the carrot cake, not so red velvet and their vanilla cakes but the vanilla chai and lemon rock my world!  

I will say this -- I'm not a super sweet person -- I rarely NEED a sweet fix so some may like what I consider the overly sweet cakes at sprinkles, etc... but for my buck (or $3 for a full sized cake) its Cupcakes Squared!




Love love love this place!!! Love the concept of a SQUARED cupcake makes it even more intriguing to buy and see for yourself "wow it's really a square!"

So far I like all the cupcakes I've tasted! I've been there twice in one week so it should show how much I like this place.





Incredibly delicious (the S'more cake seemed to be most popular among guests), unique, aesthetically pleasing cake design and exceptional customer service! Many thanks Cupcakes made me, party guests and, most importantly the Bday girl very happy...our taste buds thank you too!



Jessie and Rafael

Hi Robin,

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help yesterday.  The cupcake stole the show!  My daughter and her friends and all the family just couldn't say enough about how beautiful and delicious the cupcakes where!  As for me...I've tasted a lot of cupcakes...I've pretty much tasted all the cupcakes here in Santa Barbara and I had my favorites here...but I could honestly say that your cupcakes beat them all by a long shot!  What I love about your cupcakes from the first bite is the TEXTURE!  The texture is perfect for me and then you add the MOISTNESS of the cupcake plus the special FLAVOR...WOW...I don't think I will be able to enjoy the cupcakes here in Santa Barbara now as much as I did I have two things to look forward to when going to San daughter and your cupcakes!  Again, thank you so much.  




Hi Robin, just wanted to THANK YOU for the AMAZING cupcakes!!! They were sooooooo YUMMY! Everybody loved them!! I had 3!!! Plus half of the top of the cake!! 

   Thanks again! Chrissy




Annabelle M

This past February I went cupcake shopping on my birthday.  I hit several San Diego proclaimed favorites in search of a really good, rich cupcake suitable for a birthday as well as a wedding.

After tasting their carrot cake, almond, & chocolate cupcakes I was obsessed and began checking their website to see what flavors were available on which days.  I became thoroughly impressed when I learned that they wait for strawberry season to begin before they start making their strawberries & cream cupcakes; and their pumpkin cupcakes are only available when real pumpkin is in season!

I've booked them for my wedding next September and I look forward to spending the next year trying out their many fun flavors!  Rich & Elegant are my two favorite adjectives for these delights!



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